Anetech, LLC recognizes the importance of being mindful of our working environments and makes every effort to be committed to the preservation of the environment in both in the office and on site.  What begins with energy saving products and recycling in the office, ends with leaving as little trace possible on a jobsite.  There is no litter on any Anetech jobsite, they are safe and clean.   It is our pledge and guarantee to perform the highest measure of eco-friendly construction and business practices possible when working with Anetech for any assignment. 

In following the basic guidelines of the International Organization of Standardization: Environmental Management Systems Certification (ISO 14000) we:


  • identify and control the environmental impact of our activities and services

  • continually strive to improve our environmental performance 

  • have implemented a systematic approach to setting environmental objectives and targets

  • comply with regional environmental regulations


Quite simply we have not been certified with the ISO 14000 certificate yet but, we preach an eco-friendly working environment and management system and we practice what we preach both at the office and on site.